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How Precision Advantage Bookkeepingrescued NT Powersports’ books

Since 2014, Inga MacFarlane has been the incredibly busy owner-manager of NT Powersports, which is a leading supplier of off-road vehicles, including quads, buggies, and outboards. They have three dealerships, and provide service and maintenance for their customers.

It took a few years for Inga and the team at NT Powersports to find Felicity and Precision Advantage Bookkeeping. Unfortunately, in the meantime they had a run of bookkeepers who Inga says were terrible.

“We were brand new to business and we didn’t know what we didn’t know,” Inga says. “Your books are precious to your business and they ruined our books. Our accountant said our books were the worst she’d seen in 20 years. We had a lot of disasters.”

Their accountant recommended Felicity, but it took a while for Inga to trust her, given the terrible experiences she’d had before. Initially, Felicity started with BAS, while Inga managed the day-to-day data entry. Over time, Felicity became more involved as Inga trusted her more and as the job of managing the books grew.

“I should have had her more involved from day one. I should have trusted her right away. She has made a huge difference in our business. Our processes and systems are so much better. She’s changed the way we do business.”

In addition to managing the books, Felicity has taken charge of NT Powersports’ software systems, showing the team how to use the systems and ensuring they use the software to its full potential. She also organised the Business Activity Statements (BAS) and Point of Sale (POS) systems, making the job of running NT Powersports more efficient.

Additionally, Felicity provides:

  • Data entry
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Monthly reporting
  • Accounts payable and supplier reconciliations
  • Superannuation compliance

“I thought Felicity just did behind-the-scenes books and bookkeeping, but she does so much more. Getting the Point of Sale system working properly was huge. She showed us what we should be doing and what needs to happen. We’re no longer missing payments and we’re much more organised. That’s because of Felicity. I often run ideas past her; she’s gone from being a bookkeeper to being a mentor.”

Inga says she likes Felicity’s use of technology in bookkeeping, which makes NT Powersports more efficient to run. Their systems are now fully automated, which Inga credits to Felicity staying up-to-date with the best solutions.

“There aren’t enough good words to describe Felicity. She changed everything. After the experience we’ve had with bookkeepers not even understanding a basic balance sheet, Felicity is more than a bookkeeper. She’s done so much for us. I’m just really grateful.”